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iPad Momentary Button Bug


I'm having an issue where Momentary Buttons always display an 'ON' test line at the bottom for MotionControl panels. The issue doesn't appear until you load the screen onto an iOS device, the buttons appear fine within AA. I have been having the issue for over a year now and I can't seem to find anyway of removing it.

Has anyone had this before and can help?

Also the buttons appear black and flat when loaded onto an iOS device whereas in AA they have very nice shading etc. It is like style information isn't coming through.




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    These are known issues that will have to be addressed in future releases.

    Which parameter have you assigned to the Momentary Button?
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    roesljasroesljas Posts: 2
    Hi Jerome,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I am trying to do volume bump UP and DOWN buttons as well as preset activations.

    I have also noticed that fonts do not come across for everything.

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    This is a way to achieve this with On/Off buttons.

    1. Go to the Logic Configuration and add two Logic Sources. In the Properties, set the Auto Off to 1.
    2. Assign the Bump Up and Bump Down to the Logic Sources.
    3. Add the Logic Sources to the Motion Control panel with On/Off Buttons.
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    roesljasroesljas Posts: 2
    Yeah I had thought about that as an option but it's an huge amount of work for these projects as they have up to 20 zones per installation.

    Is there any road map to resolving this that you are aware of as it's been over a year since I first observed the problem? Its such a silly issue that makes a pro job look ridiculous.

    Thanks for your help/.
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    sjoennesjoenne Posts: 1
    Could you fix this soon please?
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