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Audio Architect crashes when you open a Gain object in Onlin

I'm having an issue where Audio Architect will crash when you open a gain object window when in Online mode.

I have a screenshot of the error dialogue that during the crash but can't find a way to upload it to this message. However the message mentions Networking and Objects many times.

I can easily open any other object up in the same design when Online, these include Input and Output Windows, Source Selects, Parametric EQs, Delays, Xovers etc. The gain objects open fine when in offline mode.

Has anyone seen this issue before?



  • delete the gain block in your design and add a new one. Likely the issue will go away. I have seen similar quite a few times.
  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 323
    I can confirm that deleting the Gain objects fixed the problem.
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