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New user, problems uploading design to unit

I'm new to using Audio Architect. I've watched the tutorials but haven't been able to locate where I might find the answer to my questions.

1) First of all, do you really need to be connected through the RS232 to upload the design into the unit (in my case a BSS BLU 160) from your pc or is it enough to be connected to the same network?

2) I don't seem to be able to get my file transferred to the BSS unit. Both my pc and my unit are discovered by AA. I would really appreciate a simple step by step how to upload your design from your pc to the BSS unit or directions where I can find one.
Common mistakes that need to be corrected are also appreciated to get info about.



  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 323
    1) RS232 is not required for going online. This is only used for third party control.
    2) Click Go Online and follow the steps from left to right.
    Match Devices - Drag the discovered device in the Venue Explorer onto the device in the Venue. You should see a green dot appear once it is matched.
    Synchronise Venue - Click the L button that appears, this will load the Configuration into the device
    Run Venue - In this mode you are Online

    Please note that you can get technical support from your local BSS distributor who will be happy to assist with your programming and operating. Alternatively, you can contact BSS technical support. All tech support is free. See signature below.
  • jakobjakob Posts: 0
    I got it working now. Thanks for the support!
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