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Set of BLU-806 with master signaling - No audio links

Dear Sirs

I have a case that uses 3 BLU-806 units.

At december 2015 I deployed the system and above the status of BLU's using dante controller


Status: All systems running perfectly
Current Audio Architect : 1.75

At August, 1, 2016 we've found a problem:

Dante controller shows the system synced but all BLU's as master. When a dispatch audio from a BLU over dante (all unicast links) the BLU that must be receive audio show synced but not audio.

Dante Controller status:

a) Question 1
If the BLU stores the logs and the logs area becomes full, are there some notice regarding problem with device ?
My practice that when I've detected some problem at device I cleared the log and the device back to run ok again.

I've try to update the project using Audio Architect 1.95 and I've update the BLU firmware (without change any switch setup at network)

After that 2 of 3 BLU becomed work transmitting and receiving audio packets, but all as master (monitored by dante controller).

I've search several picts at google images and the correct signaling ihmo is just a device as master and others as slave.

I need some comment regarding this situation.



  • eng4syseng4sys Posts: 9

    Problem solved.

    We disabled the IGMP snooping at switch core.

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