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Create custom control panels in audio architect

Hello everybody,
I'm stucked in the process to create some custom control panels, so i have some question...

-First of all, when i'm trying to drag and drop controls in my control panel (as explained in the Hiqnet motion control quick start guide), i can't do it cause in the explorer section my venue is in grey (but tell me it contains my 3 devices).
Same thing if i try to create a panel for use directly inside audio architect (v.1.95.1)
Do i miss something? (my setup is working when i go online)

-My second question is (as soon as my first one will be solved Wink) Is it possible to drag and drop a complete device and not only a parameter in a custom control panel (graph eqs,...) like it was in london architect with copy/paste?

Thanx in advance, best regards

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