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iOS 10

Whilst the fact you can use adaptors to run a cabled ethernet to an iDevice in iOS 10 (for me anyway) is *brilliant* i have come up with another issue that perhaps someone has too...

doing a few systems in Hotels etc i *don't* connect my systems to internet.
(this stops employees updating facebook etc...)
to get around the ipad 'searching' for internet I have the iDevice look to the 1st BLU for it's gateway (ios Calls it router) and low and behold, it doesn't go searching, My assumption on this is it has something at that address that is solid enough to stop it doing the search.

along comes iOS 10, and my trick wont work. the iPad and BLU wont talk unless there is a real internet connection.

has anyone else found this, and have you found any work arounds

we also run guided access to stop running other apps, but once 1 person has a pass code for this everyone does, so it's more or less useless.

Thanks for any help,



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    jjjjjj Posts: 13
    wow, does noone else set their systems up not using internet?
    am I imagining this issue?

    I am really shocked there's been almost 200 views of this and noone has had a similar issue.

    maybe i need to revisit the job, maybe i am going mad.


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