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Issue with changing source in Motion Control

I have an iPad with Motion Control.
The processor is a Blu-100.
Inside Audio Architect I have everything set up and it runs fine and I am able to control the volume via sliders and source via a drop down menu but when I use the iPad I can only change the volume and cannot change the source. Next to the source drop down menu there is a triangle that I guess means there is some error.

Please let me know if there is a fix for this.

Also is there anyway to use radio buttons instead of a drop down menu to change the source?


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    The triangle means that you have not assigned the Source Selector to the drop down object.
    You can implement radio buttons. Please see the Application Guide: Last Recalled Preset on BLU-8v2 (and Contrio)
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    I believe I have assigned the source selector.
    Because through Audio Architect I can change the source if i bring up the Motion Control Page I created.
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    Could it be a firewall issue?
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