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New to this group. I need to program a backup output level potentiometer for a BLU-50.

What I'm doing is to control a linked gain control for output 1 & 2 via serial commands and now I'm requested to use an external potentiometer as a backup gain control if the serial thing fails.

So I need the external pot to be left aside and only if you change it's value, take control over gain and if serial info is good again forget the pot again...

Any idea?


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    Simply assign the Gain to a Control Input then wire a potentiometer to the control input. Set the Mode to Analogue Input. Set the Control Port properties Control Port Subscribe to No (this is the default setting). If using 2-wire mode then use a 47Kohm pot. If using 3-wire mode then use a 10Kohm linear pot.
    Using a pot is OK, but when something else changes the Gain, the pot will be in the wrong position. Consider using two switches instead; one for up and one for down. Assign the Gain to the Control Input and set the Mode to Up/Down Pair.
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