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Control panels not working in London Architect

I'm having a weird issue with the London Architect: control panels for objects (e.g. parametric EQ, output levels, matrix routers) don't work.

Oddy, from the main screen I can make changes when I single-click on the object and use the \"Properties\" sidebar. No custom control panels, just the default ones for BLU-50 outputs, parametric EQ, and signal routing.

I tried deleting and reinstalling London Architect, with no change.

Thoughts on why my control panels seem to be static objects?


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    Are you online when trying to make these control value changes?

    If so, you should be able to control from the device panel, but from your description I think you may be trying to control these parameters when offline.

    The fastest way to alter parameter controls when in design mode is to hold down the ALT key on the PC keyboard and then adjust the control. When you release the ALT key, you are back in design mode.

    To lock the offline design in operate mode, click the 'operate' button on the bottom line of the application.

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    Ah, that explains it. I'm new to the software, and for that matter Windows. I'm running London Architect on a stick PC I bought just for this task through Remote Desktop on my Mac.

    The BLU-50 is not normally networked. Once I tried it while networked and the panels were still locked, but it doesn't matter because I was able to make the small changes I wanted to make: high shelf hinged at 4kHz to curve treble down to -6dB at 20kHz, lower output levels to get more signal into the box.
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