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SW9015 programming


I am wondering is this possible. I have a 3088 processor in a church environment. Is it possible to use a SW9015 unit to control the volumes of different inputs/outputs?

What i want is that the user can select different inputs/outputs on the rotary selector and change the volume using the up/down buttons?

1. Mic 1 Input volume
2. Mic 2 Input Volume
3. Mic 3 Input Volume
4. Mic 4 Input Volume
5. Mic 5 Input Volume
6. Zone 1 output volume
7. Zone 2 Output Volume
8. Zone 3 Output Volume



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    Hi Gary
    The short answer is no, not on a 3088 anyway.
    If you had a BSS London, then you can use the 9015 wall plate and use the London's logic system to do just what you want.

    A 9010 Jellyfish wall controller could do what you require, but of course that has been out of production for some time now!
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    I was afraid you were going to say that. Might have a 9088 and a jellyfish coming in from another install so looks like im gonna swap them out.
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