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Ethernet and Serial Trigger/Table


Ethernet and Serial Trigger/Table

This guide looks at how to use the Ethernet Trigger and Serial Trigger/Table logic objects. These can be used to send control messages to third party devices via RS232 or Ethernet.

>>> Click here to download the full application guide.<<<


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    DasTweakerDasTweaker Posts: 1

    Is there an updated link for this resource? This appears to take you to a few reference designs not the application guide.

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    RT_audioRT_audio Posts: 2

    I think this link may help you out: https://audioarchitect.harmanpro.com/aa_help/Soundweb_London/Logic_Objects/End/Ethernet_Trigger_Table.htm

    I do however have another question about the table: Is there a way to import and export the Ethernet Table to a csv or xml or the likes? I am not looking forward to change a complete 2^8 table by hand...

    I have searched quite extensively online and have tried to open the *.audioarchitect file with code editors but to no avail.

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    Here is a link for the guide on Ethernet and Serial Trigger
    All our guides and more are now on this site.
    There is no facility to import or export the table.

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    RT_audioRT_audio Posts: 2

    Hi Jerome,

    Would an import or export be a possible feature in the future? It would add a lot of value for system integration in existing show control and building management system applications. That is where I am using the tables for. It would make it much easier to make a complete table in excel and import it into the table. When I mean import it need not be an actual import button; just a copy a column from excel (Ctrl+C) -> paste (Ctrl+V) values in the table (and vice versa; select all values, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V into excel).


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