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Dante channel naming error

Working on a renovation project and inherited a file form another company to which we're adding multiple new devices. Dante is used extensively to shuttle audio around the building. When I try to go online with the updated file I get an error saying that X transmitter object on X DSP \"has invalid channel names. Please refer to help file. You will not be allowed to go online until this is corrected.\"

I've not run into this before and I don't see anything useful in the help file about dante channel names. All the channel names are unique across the whole file and the ones throwing errors are not even the longest channel names in the file. Anyone run into this before?


  • Please contact technical support. See link in signature below.
  • Now this, Jerome is a really shitty way to answer this question, because when I google to find solutions to exactly this issue, all I get is your very unhelpful reply.
    Please follow up this post with some indicators and links to the actual solution. I notice that I can't follow any links in your signature, because there aint any. Harumph!

  • So that I can find it again - here are the causes of this problem:
    1- When you creat a Dante object, you need to choose ' Dante naming' instead of 'Audio Architect naming' if you are using Dante controller.
    2- The Object name must only use valid Dante characters. Best to use no spaces.
    3- The combined Object name, and channel name must not get too long, as this can cause this error.
    4- No duplicate Object names - so label the in and output objects differently.
    5- finally, you do need to include enough info in the object and channel name in the channel title, because this is what propogates though into your design, and having a signal just called 'Ch1' is a bit useless. Has to be like 'MainOfficeCh1Mic' to be useful.
    6- Get all of this right and tested early in your programming, because if you change the device name, the dante connections break, and you need to go back and reconnect in dante controller. Set and forget. If you have the processing power, I recommend setting up a 'virtual patch panel' using a matrix, where you bring in all of your dante inputs, labelled as to their location and signal type, then 'soft patch' them to the signal uses they are going to have in you program, like 'Sports floor Announcements'. This way, if you need to change where or how somehting is plugged in, you can just change one cross point in the matrix, and not even have to upload a program change. This is really great for live production venues, which change setups all the time.

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