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Blu-10 Page Selecting

Hey Jerome,
Is there a way to make a page on the blu-10 that will scroll/navigate to other pages.. I want to create a main page that will bring up my other pages via push button rather than hitting the menu button and using the scroll wheel.
Can you do this with an iPad panel?


  • You can navigate to other pages by adding a page transition to any button. Simply drag a page from the BLU-10 Pages window onto a button in the Button Assignment window. Note that you cannot add a page tranistion to pages in a different folder. Make sure that all your pages are in the same folder. For more info you can download the BLU-10 Application Guide from here: http://www2.bssaudio.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3451

    This is not possible in Motion Control. This offers only two ways to navigate: 1. Double tap the screen to show page thumbnails. 2. Swipe sideways with two fingers
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