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BLU-50 How to connect to a talkback mixer control

Hi all,
I'm new in this group and in Soundweb London.

I'm trying to configure my BLU-50 for my dubbing room.
I need to connect the talkback signal to the blu-50.
When I keep the talkback button pressed on the mixer I need to mute some analog inputs and open the talkback mic on loudspeakers and headphones.

I'm trying to do that through the control ports using the talkback electric voltage and assigning the mute/unmute options on the BLU-50 input channels.
I cannot find the way to keep the button pressed signal and to associate the control to different input channels. What am I doing wrong?
Should I use a logic source?
Hope you can help me?

Thank you very much!


  • scjmscjm Posts: 3
    no one can help me?
    Was I clear enough?
    How can I configure the GPIO port on Soundweb?
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