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Link Groups

So far, I figured out that to create a link I need to get the controls on a custom control panel, either by CTRL+drag or convert the whole panel custom. Then I can select them and Add to Link. Then I can delete them (and the panel) since I do not need a custom panel.

But, is there another way without creating a custom panel? I can create an Empty Link but can't figure out how to add parameters. Why not just allow the ability to drag from Venue Explorer, Mixer->Channel parameter list up to the parameter link? Or click the parameter link and have the Edit button available so you can just add things? Or, CTRL+Click multiple items in Venue Explorer, then Add to Link.

This used to be very simple in LA... The more time I spend in AA, the more I don't think the people developing it have ever used LA or actually program systems with it.


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    Create empty link. Drag the Link onto the controls that you want to link. No need to create a custom panel.
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