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Noise on BLU100 output

Hi ,

I am using a BLU 100 with a BOB2 .

I have some noise on the output , it is not very loud but enough to focus on when a the sound program is very low , or when the room is quiet.

When I switch on the BLU100 , noise appears only when the booting is complete.

I am using this BLU100 to drive a JBL3378 cinema setup and this noise is a problem in the 2425 horn because the room is not very large. The sweet spot is 5 meters away max....

I hear the noise too in the bass loudspeaker but at very low level.

Do you think that comes from a power supply default ? Capacitor too old ? Bad power filtering ?

Thanks for your help :-)


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    Which amps are you using ?
    does the level of the noise modulate with changing amp gain ?
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    Hi Andy ,

    I am using Chevin Q6 amplier. I know that about the sensivity input is high (33dB fix I can't change the value on 26 dB for example ) for the top horn 3678. If the knob volume is \"on 10 o clock\" position , the noise very low and it s not a problem on the sweet spot listening.

    The noise is more high when the booting on BLU100 is complete. For information , when I load another setup , the noise disappear during the loading process and appear again when the loading process is complete.
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