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CobraNet output controll by logic inputs

Is it possible to turn off/on cobranet on BLU80? There is situation, i have cobranet input to BLU from mixer, than cobranet output to other cobranet device which also has analog input set as revert to analog if cobranet fails.........so if cobranet from blu to that device fails, it will revert to analog, but if cobranet from mixer to blu fails it will not, as link from blu is still working.

So i was think to use cobranet input monitoring leds (conductor) to set on logic output and when there is no \"conductor\" light on (cobranet fails) it will trigger logic so it will disable cobranet outpout and receiving device will revert to analog backup. Trigger can be done external or just internal logic, that's nothing important, just have to make disable cobranet output by logic trigger?


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    I've searched a bit and found i can use cobranet card dialog virtual led's like receive error or receiving audio as logic end (don't know why i cannot assing them as logic source) and that why i can trigger logic output, which i can trigger ethernet string to be sent over network. Now idea is to send string to jbl speakers to switch on to analog and when receive error ends than switch back to digital........idea is simple, only thing is, does this controll over ethernet when send is transmitted on cobranet ports or ethernet control port? As i know crown cobranet cards in amplifier uses same cobranet card for controll and cobranet...........

    I suppose it will be sent from control port as cobranet is not running on TCP/IP, and also because of same i cannot control devices with TCP/IP messages, but should send via HiQnet adress......is it possible to set up in BLU to send hex string to devices on same HiQnet network a message?

    Because if no, i should connect control ports of blu to same subnet as cobranet is so i can control thos devices.
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