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SMTP Event Log Messages now working but question

I have been trying to get the Event Log Messaging Settings to work in AA. I have an external smtp server that I use for all my devices but was unable to get AA to work with. I kept getting the message \"The Destination Mailbox Was Not Found Or Could Not Be Accessed\". There were no reports on the server end that the smtp connection was happening at all. After trying multiple different available ports I ended up trying the unsecured port 25 with SSL disabled. This was finally rejected by the server showing that SOMETHING was getting through. I now have it working but had to turn off all of the security measures for that IP address on our smtp server. I figure this is an SSL certificate issue within Audio Architect? Is there a way to configure SSL in AA beyond just turning it on or off?


  • Your email server was probably using TLS. TLS is not supported in Audio Architect.
  • tkarmantkarman Posts: 0
    The mail server supports both TLS and SSL and both are enabled server end.
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