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Logic End LTP?

I have a logic end exact linked to a BGM source selector in the room combine processing block. It is being fed by a logic chain for which the aim is to step down a range of BGM channels with a single button press. This logic chain also stores the last state of said BGM in this range when the BGM source is changed manually outside of the defined range. It then recalls this state and feeds it to the logic end when the button linked to the logic is pressed.

My problem is that this works great in simulation mode but not when live. The problem stems from the logic end(LE) constantly holding the BGM Source Selector to the LE's input value when the source selector is changed manually. In simulation mode, the LE ignores it's input when the source selector is changed manually. It takes on a last takes priority(LTP) mode which is exactly what I want.

Any ideas on how to make this work? If it worked as it does in simulation mode I'd be off to the races. :-)


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    Assign the Source Selector to a Logic Value. Use the output of the Logic Value to feed your Logic End.
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    tkarmantkarman Posts: 0
    Can I link the BGM source selector to two different logic ends? It isn't letting me currently. The Logic End linked to the BGM selector is already being fed by the logic chain.
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