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Motion Control Issues

Hello all, so there is maybe an answer to this question/issue, (well there is actually a couple of issues/questions) but i haven't found it yet.

So I have a blu-100 that has been done in the london architect software (i am still using that because i don't like the way the audio architect software works, but that is a different story). No issues with the blu 100.

I have done up an ipad panel in system architect (have to use that because of the london software, audio architect won't let me link controls if still in the london software with out a full rebuild of the file) which was no issue really, and it uploaded no problem. The ipad app works just fine after an upload to the ipad. FYI the ipad is an ipad air 2 running osx 12.1, and the app is 1.10 (latest).

The main issue we are having is 99% of the time if the app gets fully closed after an upload and then you open the app it goes to the demo screen and you have to hit the settings button in the app and re assign the hiqnet address and then you will have control again, which I feel you shouldn't have to do. I figure once you upload the panel into the app it should be the only option. Being that this system is in a bar and have a number of different users we need to keep this as simple and user friendly as possible. The app when opened should just work without any other things you have to do to make it work.

The other thing that happens is when the above thing happens and you get back into app and controlling the system again, the meters that I have put on the panel almost always don't work. Once a blue moon they come back too but usually the only way to get them back is to re upload the panel. This is a much more minor issue then the previous issue.

Also is there going to be a way to add the option for having graphic eq on the ipad panels? Even just some simple tone controls would work but I would love to give my customer the option of some simple eq adjustment. The room that the system is in does change some depending on the number of people in the room.

I would like to use the ipad app more since we are seeing ipads in more venues for either point of sale or bgm music players, but currently I am not sure if it is stable enough for me, maybe I am just missing something.


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    I am also having a similar issue. This has just started to happen oddly enough. Did you manage to find a solution? Thanks

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