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BLU 805 1722.1 configuration


I am trying to set up BLU 805 using basically all the well known AVDECC controllers (Riedel, Hive, Hono).
The 805's presence is aknowledged by the AVDECC controllers, however the available streams do not appear (pls look for relevant images https://imgur.com/a/rd7Nvpa ) on the controllers's matrix as they should.
The network configuration appears to be fine. All firewalls are disabled, the 805 signals are passing through the switch (pls look the 805 as "g1" interface). I managed to pass audio through the 805 by using stream ids of other AVB enabled devices, but this is not a good solution because this tactic prohibits the usage of the original device to which the stream id belongs to.

After spending quite a lot of efforts I concluded that it is the 1722.1 discovery function that cannot be enabled on my BLU 805.
The interesting part is that the 805 is capable and also preconfigured for 1722.1 operation BUT this configuration cannot be selected by third party AVDECC controllers such as Riedel, Hive etc (pls also see relevant screenshots to see clearly that the 805 is operating by default in non-1722.1 configuration although the 1722.1 configuration exists but cannot be selected)

Every time I try to switch from non-1722.1 cfg to 1722.1 cfg using the third party AVDECC controllers I get strange messages. E.g. that the "stream is currently in use" or various other errors, when in fact there is no t even stream at all. These are all indications of the fact that these controllers cannot communicate and/or manage the BLU 805. The 805 refuses to cooperate with their commands.
The 1722.1 should be enabled some how inherently from the 805 itself.

How can I enable and use the 1722.1 configuration instead of the default non-1722.1?

Many thanks in advance!


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    maldos11maldos11 Posts: 3

    Hello. I have the same problem with connecting third-party AVB or MILAN equipment to the BSS 805 processor. I can not detect it through the available AVB controllers from Riedel or Hive for routing streams. I see that this is due to the support of protocol 1722.1. How to create a stream visible to other devices without using this protocol or how to enable support for this protocol in 805 DSP?

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