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BLU-805 NON-1722.1 configuration

Few days ago I asked for guidance to enable the 1722.1 capability of a BLU-805.
I e-mailed technical support. A kind engineer responded that it was Harman's choice not to implement 1722.1 configuration for the BSS BLU-805 and 325 and there is no such intention either.

This is my reply. I'll leave it here for discussion.


" Hello XXXXXXX,
Thank you for your answer.
So, I understand that not implementing 1722.1 is a Harman's "choice".

I would be obliged if you allow me to make some comments here, for, as a customer/user of the 805, I think that not implementing the 1722.1 is not a good choice.
Perhaps there was some kind of reason in making this choice 7 years ago, but today 1722.1 discovery and management is at the heart of the AVB implemetation.

E.g. I have 15 AVB devices and I need to use the BLU-805 as my central processing/distribution unit.
Now, whereas ALL (even 100$ modules) the other 14 devices support 1722.1, the 805 does not. Whenever I want to pass AVB signal through the 805 I have to "mask" its relevant output using a stream id which belongs to another device. This is the only way to do it, as the streams of ALL the other devices are automatically identified and subsequently assigned strictly through 1722.1. This kind of trick, "masking" 1722.1 assigned streams and force them to the 805, is not reliable of course. The streams get fuzzy, stopped at some point of time, then you have to reset all the devices related to this trick-chain etc.

The fact that AVNU does not require 1722.1 for certification is not relevant to me, as a person who is trying to make things work at the frontlines. Frankly speaking, it looks as if the AVNU is an abandoned kingdom of principles and standards, just as reminders of what the AVNU once wanted/wished to be. Too many papers and declarations, too little practical, real life, usage and guidance for solutions. Take the RME digiface AVB for example; The device has not been AVNU certified. Who cares? The device works and is providing solutions to its happy users every day.

As a result, I own an excellent-top of the range processor, the BLU-805 and I envy the way that a cigarette pocket sized (RME digiface AVB) device can handle AVB networks.
I mean, there is something wrong here.
I also have a DBX SC 32, with AVB SC card, a machine that has been launched just 4 years earlier from the BLU-805, which is totally unusable, let alone with 1722.1, not even with my other Harman devices in Audio Architect.

I think it is imperative for Harman to prove that somehow respects our trust and investment to their products.
If implementing 1722.1 is not such a huge project (I think it is not, but who am I to judge) please make an effort to include this option in a forthcoming firmware.
But, even if it is such a huge project, you could always issue a tool to provide this capability of switching in 1722.1 configuration "as is" without support. There are some free available nice AVB cotrollers that could help us users, if Harman unlocks the configuration, to do the rest.

XXXXXXX, please forgive me if you feel that I crossed the lines here. I am just trying to work with Harman products and it is really dissapointing to face all these difficulties and no solutions.
This was definately not my "choice" back then when I chose Harman.

Please help us to make the most of Harman's wonderful machines. That is all we ask.


Stamatis "


  • maldos11maldos11 Posts: 3

    Hello. I have the same problem with connecting third-party AVB or MILAN equipment to the BSS 805 processor. I can not detect it through the available AVB controllers from Riedel or Hive for routing streams. I see that this is due to the support of protocol 1722.1. How to create a stream visible to other devices without using this protocol or how to enable support for this protocol in 805 DSP?

  • stamatiskistamatiski Posts: 10

    If only BSS build an option with 1722.1 compatible firmware my friend. There is no other way. But I guess everyone else is happy without 1722.1. Perhaps you and me are the only 2 sad users.

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