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Audio Architect + BLU-50 configuration

Hello, I am contacting you because I have a problem connecting a DSP (BLU-50) to the internet. I have almost no knowledge of music but good network skills. I tell you what I want to do

I would like to access my DSP to cross the internet in order to modify the remote settings. I use the "Audio Architect" program.

I encounter the following problem: I can't find any way to connect this damn DSP in the program.

On the network side, I think everything is ok, I attracted a fixed IP to the DSP, and I assigned it a redirect port in TCP and UDP.

So I'm a bit stuck.

  • Can I connect this model of DSP to the internet by plugging it directly into the modem?
  • Does Audio Architect allow you to connect to a DSP other than locally?
    Thank you for your answers :).
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