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Feedback from BSS Audio processor to AMX - recalling presets

Hello to everyone!

I use BSS Audio Duet Module for AMX control systems (HPro_BSS_Gateway_v1_0_10_dr1_0_0.zip). It works really nice, except for one thing. In a few projects I recall parameter presets, using "fnRecallParameterPreset" command. While recalling the presets using this command works perfectly, I couldn't find the way how to subscribe to it, to be able to receive feedback from audio processor, that the particular preset had been recalled. Subscribing to commands requires object ID, which preset functionality in Audio Architect doesn't have.

Does anyone have a solution for it?

Best regards,

Michal Moraszczyk


  • It is not possible to subscribe to a Parameter Preset. Parameter Presets are an event, not a state.
    Here is one way you could get feedback:
    Add a Source Selector into the Audio Configuration. Add the Source Selector to your Parameter Preset Group. Set a different source for each Parameter Preset. Now subscribe to the Source Selector.

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