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AMX module volume range

I am using the HPro_BSS_Gateway_v1_0_12_dr1_0_0 module for controlling a BLU-101. I am subscribing to levels for mixer channels and masters. I'm using the standard 0-255 subscription. I'm noticing that the channels have a range that is to be expected where 0db is about 190 in AMX, but the master's range is different. 0db is 227 for masters. Is there a setting somewhere that I have different?


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    mGaughanmGaughan Posts: 10

    I'm guessing this has to do with channels being scaled to a logarithmic fader, but the master channels are not. Does anyone know if this is something that is a setting or in code that is accessible or is this a hard codded (BLU or JAR) setting?

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