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In over my head with Soundweb London Blu-50

Thanks in advance for the help. I'm an IT consultant, and I'm doing work for a cathedral. They've asked me to help get their services setup for streaming. I already have the video portion tackled, but they want to use the output from their audio stack to stream directly, because they get to much echo on the stream otherwise.

They have a Blu-50, but I have no idea if I can take any audio output from that and stream it using their Vimeo account or any other method. Am I asking in the right place, or can you point me in the right direction?


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    DWSavDWSav Posts: 12

    assuming you have a spare output on it then yes -

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    I'm late to the discussion but just ran into the same issue at one of our schools.
    Were you able to come up with a solution?

    There are basically two ways to solve this. One solution is to use a BLU-USB device to stream usb audio to the computer.
    The other solution, and the one I used, was to configure an output port on the BLU-100 and send that analog audio into a Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface. This is more cost-effective and gives the user some audio level control.

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