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Ipad displays disappear

Hi, I use audioarchitect 2.0 en Hiq motion on Ipads.

I’ve tried to add a new panel on it : tell me if i didn’t do correctly : online mode, double click on the ipad, then add the new panel.
I’ve unchecked the box above where it says “show iphone picture” and when the panels updated i’ve lost all the displays in the scroll bar below the ipad screen. It’s a bit annoying to miss them because we have a lot ! They still work but you don’t see what you’ve chosen until you use it.

Of course I’ve tried to check in the Iphone picture box again but it doesn’t work.
I’ve also tried to add my panels once open in audioarchitect (with the screen full of panels...)

How can i get the minidisplays back on the ipads like before ?
Thanks for all tips !


  • Go Online, open all the panels on the computer running Audio Architect, then delete and re-add the panels to the iPad. This will make the page thumbnails visible again. For some reason, when the panels are closed in AA, the thumbnails do not transfer over.

  • vinzvinz Posts: 2

    Hi DonLynch & AA users,

    I unfortunately have the exact same problem than last year !...and your solution Donlynch doesn't work anymore...I've also tried to save the file with the panels open, then remove from the Ipad and re-add (with the panels still open) and it still doens't work...I'm gonna get crazy with this panels ! Any ideas ?
    Thanks again for all tips !

  • I have the same problem as shown below

  • DWSavDWSav Posts: 9

    have you resolved this?

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