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Graph Setup in Panel

I'm trying to setup a Graph (Frequency/Gain) on a control panel and want it to display the curve from a Parametric EQ on Blu-160.

Are there any guides on how to do this, the help files are not super clear on how to set this up?


  • NickWoodfordNickWoodford Posts: 5
    edited October 2020

    Any help? Trying to assign parameters and it brings up this window that is a different veriosn of the Parameter Address Editor than i am used to and the BLU-160 is listed as a device, but there are no associated objects / parameters


  • I assume you mean to display the EQc on a custom control panel? Just drag the PEQ display from AA onto your control panel. Done.

  • lucasettenlucasetten Posts: 1

    I have the same question. Dragging from the PEQ display doesn't work in AA.

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