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Factory Reset or Clear Configuration

I d tried to Clear Configuration of BLU-806/DA Dante Card, that has the latest firmware. I d tried using Dante Controller, but fails.
I have a scenario where the Clock Master MAC address of card is different that I d programmed.
Our system used DDM.
Using Dante Controller, I cant see the Dante Device using unmanaged or managed options.
I d tried to isolate the device and I d Clear Configuration, but no success.
Should you have some other mechanism to do that ?
Thank in Advance.


  • Additional Questions
    Are there some hiqnet command line to do a reset at BLU 806, using ethernet port ?

  • I d tried to do a telnet to ethernet port (bssaudio/monkey), and perform a flashformat and purgexml / reboot, but just clean the project stored into bss device and the dante card remains with the same configuration.
    I suppose that using telnet on ethernet port does not possible format the dante card installed at bss

  • Is there a login/pass to access the Dante port over telnet to clear configuration ?

  • My friend, sorry, I have no answer for you, just a question. You posted 2 years ago that you had a problem altering the firmware even when you used the bootloader. How did you solve this?
    Thank you.

  • I will keep an eye here because I would also like to know if there is a way to get "factory defaults" but I doubt that somebody will be bothered to give any kind of answer here :smile:

  • very interested as well
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