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Little help!!!! Audio Architect programing


A few months ago our company made a new audio installation at a local sports center. Now customer ordered us to update the rest of their system. That is now being done aswell.

But my dilemma is as follows...

How do I get the program from the first blu-100 integrated with the new setup we made (witch also has a blu-100 built in to it...) (I've never had to connect 2 separate systems before)

We connected the 2 systems together by blulink.

The physical connection between devices have been made.
How do I retreve the program that was made earlier with the first setup. And can I combine the two audio architect files to one program that controls both processors without having to redo the first program?

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!


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    Have you saved a copy of the original file you used somewhere? (on your PC, NAS or whatever).
    You can't combine 2 AA files, but you can certainly add more devices to an existing file.
    If you no longer have the original file, it may be possible to retrieve it from the device- if the original file was 'saved to the network'
    To check and see, connect your PC running audio architect to the network and go 'file/open from device network' if you can see a file in the pop up window, open it up. This may be the file that is running in the device. It may of course be another file that just happens to have been saved to that device. Anyway, if it's there you can open it, and add another device to that same file and away you go. You can't combine 2 AA files to make one.

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