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We are trying to add a Logic Control for a Venue Preset, using a Preset Table

We have discovered how to get around some of the short comings of the Motion Control iPad controls using logic, and while it states in the help files under Preset Table that "The Preset Table is used to recall parameter and venue presets", there are no Venue Preset available from the Preset Table properties window, only "Parameter Presets" are offered.
Need the logic to get those controls into a Motion Control iPad design.
So where does a Venue Presets become available to a Logic Preset Table/Trigger???
Or does it not actually exist as an option and the help files are wrong???


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    Venue presets recall pre defined presets on Harman devices (Soundcraft/Crown), ie across the entire venue, recalling different speaker presets, muting and unmuting various amplifier channels, hence the name. BSS devices don't use Venue presets- well you could use them to recall another design file, but I think that's not what you are shooting for here. Usually in practical terms, these presets are recalled from console- the Soundcraft Vi/Si.

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