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Ethernet Trigger for beamer control - how to use?

I all,

I'm struggeling quite a bit with the use of the ethernet trigger.
Up until now we have had enough with the I/O control ports, but now I would like to control a NEC beamer over IP.

When I add the Ethernet trigger to my logic I get an input port (1) and an addition 2 ports, Connect & Connected, what are these ports for and how do I use these?

Further, I filled in the IP of my device, the control port which is 7142 and TCP according to this documentation:

And I used a list mode to give a command when input 1 is high.
My command has been enterd as being ASCII

However nothing seem to happen.
Could this just be related to my beamer? (I don't have any other hardware available for testing at the moment)
Or could it be related to the connect(ed) ports?
Or am I just configuring the trigger completely wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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