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Control Panasonic Projectors via Ethernet.

Hey :-)

I am trying to use an Ethernet trigger table to send commands to my Panasonic PT-VZ580 projector over Ethernet to allow me to turn on and off the projector but have not been able to figure out how to connect with the projector. I have checked and have been able to confirm the projector is on the same network as the BLU-100 I am using, but am not certain if I have the Ethernet trigger table set up correctly. Does anyone have an example of how to set this up correctly in AudioArchitect so I can connect to the projector and send commands to the projector over Ethernet?

My BLU100 have IP adress
The END Table Ethernet triggers codes are as follow
HEX code for ON: 2,50,4F,4E,3
HEX code for OFF: 2,50,4F,46,3
I have added ,0D after the HEX code.
THe BLU100 is set to TCP and port 1024 as the projector
I added the IP adress as the projector. Should that be a nother adress, close to the projector?
I changed the Baurate to 9600 in BLU100

My Panasonic Projectors have IP adress
I took the code away from the projector

I have connection to the projektor through RS232, and I have used the same codes to connect through Ethernet.

Is there anyone who can help me?
Hope there is someone who can give me some knowledges here
By the way it could be cool if there was more tutorial videos on BSS, how to deal with these things ;-)

Have a great evening

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