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BSS 366t cant update firmware

the firmware loader says that my unit does not recognise, when i boot it puts b-1 firmware 2.04
i run with usb to rs232 prolific chip
the message:
unrecognised unit.version A1.00
Version A1.00 or below
first 3 characters or filename oes not match unit ID number



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    RLRBRLRB Posts: 7
    Hello. Solved. The problem is not in the chip itself. With a null modem cable attached to USB to RS232 cable it works. No problem with the id in the program, it updates well. If you don't have null cable take a printer cable and cut, you only need 3 of 9 wires crossing 2 to 3. It also works with London Architect. I hope you can do it.

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