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Does the FDS 388 have a CD or Horn EQ switch?

mikehendemikehende Posts: 3
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Hello all, I am new to DSP's so please pardon my questions even though some might sound ridiculous. My experience has only been with Analog Crossovers like Ashly, Rane e.t.c. A bud of mine had installed his 388 unit in my Mono DJ rig for a 2-way setup with one EAW SB1000 sub and a pair of EV Eliminators full range speakers.

Now I would like to go with a Triamp setup adding an old pair of Peavey MF1-X horns:


but I don't have the internal crossovers which came with those horns. Looking at this Peavey article on "CD Horn EQ"


it shows:

Most electronic crossovers today have a circuit that provides this very necessary high frequency equalization. There is usually a switch labeled CD or Horn EQ. However it is imperative that the sound engineer or installer know the sensitivity (one watt at one meter) specifications of the systems individual transducer components. The CD equalization only occurs as a function of the Pad or attenuation that is dialed in via of the high pass gain control. If no Pad is introduced, then there is no equalization present. This is often overlooked by some individuals.

There are also electronic crossovers available that do not provide for the CD horn EQ. If this is the case, the needed equalization can still be obtained by plugging the high pass powered signal into the full range input of the loudspeaker instead of the bi-amp high input. In this case you would not pad the high pass signal down because the passive crossover will do it for you.

Everyone who works with these horns should be familiar with the sound of an unequalized constant directivity horn, so they may be able to recognize situations when the necessary CD equalization has not been provided.

Without the proper Pad and CD EQ the loudspeaker system is very honky or mid range sounding due the mid-band efficiency; and the highest frequencies, such as those produced by a high hat or cymbals, are buried due to the roll off characteristic of the driver/horn.

So guys, if this unit does not have a CD or Horn EQ switch then any advice on which best settings we should for these horns please? in particular I would like to get the most out of the 12-16khz fine highs range. Thx.

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