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Auto switch when not seeing signal

At the casino i work at we have a box that plays music videos that is updated everyday via internet connection. During this update, the box shuts off for about an hour every morning from 3a-4a while it finishes. This used to be no issue because we had 24 hour coverage for AV staff. WIth Covid, we are down to a skeleton crew and some of the things at night are needing to be automated. I'm looking to have a parameter preset triggered if signal is not seen from that media player after a certain amount of time (maybe 30 seconds or go to accomodate for video intros/gaps). I had recently switched our facility over to AA with BLU-806DA's right before covid struck in March and I'm recently returning to work so im still trying to get my bearing after having not touched anything in soo long :(


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    No need for presets- you can have the device monitor the audio input from your music video device and when the audio disappears, the device can automatically switch to an alternative input. Use Logic processing to monitor the audio input level with a comparator, and build a little gate design to unmute the other audio signal when the audio vanishes (set the comparator to go low when the compared value (a meter on the music video input) drops below a certain level). Be smart and build in logic delay so this doesn't occur for, say 30 seconds then you will avoid the switching taking place during periods of quiet on the music video source.

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