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blu 3 setup for a small room

I'm designing a set of rooms with blu-100 and 2 of blu3s.
2 rooms has each 4- input panel, and blu-3. I wanna control blu3 - to select a input and control volume.
I designed as source selector to select the souce, and control volume, that works, but after select another one the previous has gone.
I want preserve the change when the other source has been selected again.
Should I use the LOGIC for it?


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    do you mean that you want to control the separate input source volumes independently, or just to switch the source and then control the resulting output? If it's the former, then you will need a BLU6- it has bump up and bump down buttons. With some logic magic you can have these up/down buttons control each input source volume as you switch to it, and the volume will stick as is when you move to control another input source volume. BLU3 can't do that very well (it can, but it doesn't work so well, with similar logic programming) as it has a potentiometer which will make the volume of the next source selected jump instantly to whatever position the pot is at when you make the switch. Alternatively, go buy an ethernet based EC 4BV wall controller and have a much better user experience for not a lot of money!

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