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Blu-DA self resetting on AES67 enable

Curious if anyone has tried AES67 on the Blu-DA's I've updated the firmware on ours, and got AES67 into it, but then the next day it wasn't working when I came in.
I checked everything and noticed AES67 was disabled, so I re-enabled AES67, and after a few moments the dante controller app refreshed, and AES67 was disabled again...

Anyone have any thoughts?


  • DavidHotcatDavidHotcat Posts: 39

    Did you enable the AES67 option in AA or via Dante controller? I'd be sure it was enabled on both, though the default in AA is that AES67 is already on. Worth a check.

  • Ok, after some deeper digging, am I wrong that the Blu-Dan does not have the AES67 capabilities, and only the Blu-DA does?

  • DavidHotcatDavidHotcat Posts: 39

    The BLU-DAN (or BLU-DA- the devices are the same, just like the BLU-806 and BLU-806 DA) does indeed support AES67. These devices all run the Audinate Brooklyn ll module, which are all AES67 capable. Check the properties of the BLU-DAN and make sure AES67 Enabled is set to YES

  • Nevermind... apparently there is a new option in 2.45.1 on the Blu-Dan Properties...

  • Hey David, thanks for helping, I was not seeing your replies for some reason until just now. So sorry for ignoring you.

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