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Update iOS Panel

Hello together,

last weekend I really got crazy. I have a restaurant where some BLU100 are working and doing a good job. They are controlled via a wall controller and an iPAD with the motion control app.
On the Panel are different sliders and some buttons for choosing the source. I wanted to add a slider and a mute button. So far so good, an easy task.
On the preview window inside the audio architect app they were displayed immediately, but no sync to the iPAD. I performed different actions like starting the app new, starting the ipad new, disconnect an iphone panel to the ipad and back again, but the changed panel was not visible to the ipad.
After three hours it worked and I do not know why. Yes, I also read the manual, but to be honest, it does not fit to my version of audio architect (btw: Where can I see which one is installed?)
Is there something I have to do that the ipad updates the panel?

Another thing: I understood that I can bind more than one panel to an app and can choose inside the app which to use (in my case Indoor and outdoor would be fine for example), but the Button is not in my app. just a line..


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    sven1978sven1978 Posts: 2
    edited May 2021

    [sorry, double post, deleted]

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    DavidHotcatDavidHotcat Posts: 40

    You can create a whole bunch of iPad/iPhone panels and deploy those panels to the actual iPads/iPhones as you desire- they can have different panels or the same or a mix, it's up to you. The iOS device appears in AA just like any other device (amplifiers/soundweb's/ect) so for each phone/iPad you will need to add each of them to the AA design and match them to the real life iOS item as you go online. Once online you can add and remove the panels using the window that pops up when you click the iPad/phone; choose the panels to send via the drop down box and once you are finished hit 'OK' the panels then get deployed to the device.

    Find the AA version from clicking file and in the window that pops up- the version is on the bottom right side of that window.

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    SMSM Posts: 3

    Hello, this is clear. In theory you are absolutely right. But I have two issues:
    First is the screenshot from above. I cannot add another panel. Is it a Bug?
    Second is that, when I do a cange on a panel, the iPad is not updated..

    Thanks, Sven

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    DavidHotcatDavidHotcat Posts: 40

    You need to create a new custom control panel to suit an iPad or iPhone in the main AA workspace, then all those panels will appear in the list in your screenshot above. They must be iPad or iPhone panels you create, not a regular (pc) control panel.

    For the Ipad to be updated it needs to be on line and appear in AA as a matched device, does it? If so, remove all the panels from the device, as in the screen shot above, then the device will revert to it's demo mode screen, then add the panels back to the Ipad/phone (again as in the screenshot above)

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