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Third party control - automated response to sent commands?


I am using the third party controller to trigger various actions in our fixed installations. Sending is done by a Beckhoff PLC.

Everything is working as expected, but I have always been creating "passive feedbacks". When the user presses the button "Mic 1 On" on the touch panel, the message "Mic 1 is On" will be shown so that the user knows the command is executed. So what I basically do is "assume" that the connection was established successfully and the BLU-100 got my TCP packet. But I have no verification that this actually happend, so the mic might still be off although the control panel does not say so.

Working on my recent project, I wanted to read the response coming from the BLU-100 when I send the command and change the visualisation state just after this, but obviously there is none. I just get an empty packet back, not something like an "ACK" followed by the command I sent like I would assume.

I then created Logic Objects and linked them up to an Ethernet Trigger which sends me back ASCII strings. Of course that works, but complicates things, especially in large setups. Is there a way to enable automated feedback packets when using third party control messages? I send to TCP Port 1023. First try when using Third Party Control for the first time long ago was port 3804, this is mentioned in the HiQnet Audio Architect Help. That doesn't even work (but after all brings me a feedback message, probably with some errors - wasn't able to evaluate) so I feel like this should be corrected in the documentation.

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    DavidHotcatDavidHotcat Posts: 39

    If all you are looking for is confirmation of an action that has taken place, why not just subscribe to the control in the London that you are turning on/off?

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