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Recall parameter presets on DCI

I have a very simple venue with 5 Crown DCI Dante amps and a 4-button Contrio controller. Each amp has a set of presets that have to be recalled with one push of a Contrio button. I’ve made a parameter presets group, added Preset section of each amp and prepared several presets. I’ve assigned particular presets to each controller button.
However, when online, presets won’t load. A can load a preset on a single amp if I assign that particular amp preset to the button, but no matter what I do I can’t make parameter presets work. Even recalling directly from parameter presets window in AA (while online) does not work. Strangely, in simulation this works.
I’ve made a simple graphic panel with buttons to check if it works. Parameter presets, assigned to these buttons, do not work. However Venue presets do work. But I can’t assign venue presets to Contrio buttons.
I do have proxy selected for each amp.

I’m stuck with this. Could anybody offer any thoughts regarding this issue?


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    ilyailya Posts: 6
    One more detail. Each time I try to recall a parameter preset, I get an error in the log: RecallMsg: Invalid message value: got 2, expected 3, 4 or 5
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    Parameter presets recall presets stored in BSS devices, not Crown (or JBL/Soundcraft) products. Venue presets are what is used to recall presets in those devices. Whilst it may not be possible to directly recall venue presets from a Contrio EC4B, it would be possible to build a logic design to recall those venue presets, and have a logic source button attached to the EC4B in order to trigger that. Been a while since I tried anything like that in fairness, but I'd imagine it works. I'll see if I can give it a go later. D

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    Actually I retract my previous re building a logic design to recall venue presets. I can't see a way to do that now I have looked at it. I have recalled venue presets previously using a Soundcraft VI/Si console as the source device to recall presets on a bunch of DCI amplifiers and that works well. In AA it appears you can recall single amplifier presets directly from a button on an EC4B, but not venue presets, so unhelpful for a rack of amplifiers you might want to switch, say. Clearly all this is possible with a Custom Control Panel, and is straightforward to deploy, though a PC would be needed online. You can't recall venue presets from an iPad. I'll continue to think through if it's possible to use logic to initiate a venue preset and revert if I come up with any ideas that work.

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    ilyailya Posts: 6

    Thanks. I came to the same conclusions after a lot of tinkering with the system. What seems to be a trivial task becomes an unsolvable problem :|

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