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iPad and Venue presets problems

I'm trying to use iPad/iPod MotionControl software to recall Venue presets. I'm able to assign venue presets to panel buttons, and the simulation runs just fine. However, if I close and reopen the project, all button assignments for Venue presets are gone, and buttons are showing "address: disconnected".
Is it how it's supposed to be?

P. S. I don't have any processors in the system. I have a bunch of Crown amps that should all recall a particular preset when the button is pressed. This simple problem seems to have no solution. The client is not willing to buy a processor just for recalling presets...


  • Motion Control on an iPad or iPhone can't recall venue presets- that's why it doesn't work. Venue presets are recalled via a PC running a custom control panel (or a windows surface tablet, say) or via a digital Soundcraft console, an Si or Vi series.

  • ilyailya Posts: 6

    Thanks. Is it possible to recall Venue presets with Contrio controllers? (I guess no, but maybe I just haven't looked in the right place)

  • No, you can't recall venue presets on any of the contrio control panels.

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