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Audio Architect showing unmatched devices message when all devices were online and close the program

Hello everyone,
Our university's football stadium has 83 BSS devices, including seven BLU806DA devices, and runs audio with Dante and BluLink. The system is around five years old. We have Cisco switches and fiber networks to send/receive audio throughout the stadium. The system always working past five years. Recently, we discovered that the computer is showing a few messages such as "Some Devices are not matched," "Audio Architect was stopped working and needed to close," or "Not all of the devices are matched, for the following reason. Please perform the suggestions given before continuing online. Device is locked. HiQnet Address:xxxx Crown ITHD4 Change the HiQnet address of the device on the venue view" note; when this message was view some of our Crown amps were offline although they were online and on the network. The amps that were offline were different from time to time: Sometimes, when I went to check the system, the program has already closed by itself. When any of those messages were show up, all of the devices were online, and the audio passed through, but matched devices were less than Venue (Online) devices count. Turn off the PC and restarting the program usually solved the problem. We have an exact Secondary Computer for backup. I run the same file and let it run for days and had the same alternate issues. Does anyone has problems like that or have any thoughts? I would appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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