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BLU100 randomly rebooting

I have a building that has a BLU100 that is randomly rebooting several times a day when the system is in use. This is installed in a church. Background, I have already switched power cables and outlets to confirm that is not the issue. I have already sent the unit in to Harman once for repair and they found a few blown capacitors which they repaired, I then reinstalled it, but the same problem came back. So I put a temporary unit in place while I boomeranged that unit back to Harman thinking there must be something wrong with the unit. Trouble is, the temp unit started to exhibit the EXACT same problem. So that leaves me to believe that there is some local gremlin that is causing the unit to reboot.

I have checked all inputs/outputs cabling at the phoenix connectors and there are no crossed wiring there. Looking at the Event logs in AudioArchitect I can see that it is rebooting but I cannot seem to figure out why (not to mention that the time stamps show the time of the log retrieval not when the event happened.)

Getting pretty frustrated here as this location is a 5 hour drive from my office and I have already been here 5 times. I am pulling what little hair that I have left out, any ideas as to what could be causing the problem. Is there a log file that can tell me WHY the unit is rebooting? Nothing that I can see in the event log references to why it is (I see event IDs 0, 1, 5, 6, 13, 19, 97 and 99. (Which according to here: https://web.media.mit.edu/~benb/statics/bssmanual/MAIN/Event%20Descriptions.html) does not amount to much.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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    Power brown out? Not much else will cause a reboot (unless it is actively commanded). I'm gonna guess you are in the US/Canada perhaps- ie somewhere with a 110vac mains supply? The BLU-100 will run down to 100vac but power fluctuations could cause it to reboot- I have seen this in situations using them powered off a generator, for example. Solution- install a UPS and see if the issue goes away. That would be my tip.
    FWIW- I think it highly unlikely that Harman would replace some caps in the PSU- this is a modular unit and in my experience we'd just replace the whole thing. It's cheap!

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