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Blu100 Bootup parameters

Hi folks! Ima bit flummoxed and cannot find a solution. I have a Blu100 with some simple zone based level and source control. On power up, typically I would expect the programmed values (for source and gain) or the last state values to be recalled. However, on this unit on power up it revert to a fixed source and gain level of -0.11

Any advise appreciated!

I would also like to recall different gain levels during different times of the day, and from my understanding of Scheduler, it seems I can only recall Venue presets, which would also include any state of other attached amplifiers etc. What is the best way to achieve this atumation?

Much gratitude for all your time.



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    sidhusidhu Posts: 14

    Said parameters were being recalled to a fixed value as I had some control ports configured without a controller actually attached.

    With regards to scheduling preset recalls (only gains), I would still appreciate some guidance.


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