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TASCAM CD PLayer Serial Trigger

Hello Guys!

I need some help on how to trigger my TASCAM CD-400 to receive commands stop/play from BLU 100 over RS Serial 232. I have tried to configure the logic control but I am not certain if I have the serial trigger table set up correctly.
the purpose of the CD player is to play automatically the evac pre-corded message when then BLU 100 detects a fire alarm signal from the control input.
Does anyone have an example of how to set this up correctly in Audio Architect?

Thanks in advance!



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    DavidHotcatDavidHotcat Posts: 39
    edited March 2022

    Well without a Tascam CD player I can't say for certain, but the strings you have above look like 000= PLAY and 100= STOP. If that's what you want to achieve then it should work fine. Unless you need a bunch of other commands, there's no need for the other 2 logic sources, L1 and L4, you can flip between two commands with a single logic source and a single serial trigger- no need for the serial trigger table.

    You can then link the logic source to the control port where you have the fire alarm input connected (assuming that's how you are doing it)
    Be sure you set the London's RS232 port to comm at a setting the Tascam can receive- the default is 115200 which the Tascam can't read

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