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BLU-100 and Phantom Power Audio Input

Help: I need to connect my condenser microphone to the analog input on the BLU-100. I've stripped the xlr cables and connected to the phoenix input correctly (S/+/-), but there's no signal on the front panel. I've tried a dynamic mic as well - no signal. The wireless mics that are connected via their own wireless receiver do work, but the condenser mic that is directly connected does not. I'd like to use these inputs in a couple of days... advice?


  • Nothing will show on the front panel until you program the device, at least you'll need to connect to the device, with Audio Architect, then open up the input block for whatever channel you have your mic connected. Then, turn on 48v phantom on that input and turn up the gain fader. You should see signal on the meter in the same block to allow you to set the level.
    Sounds like you may benefit from watching some of the online training videos that are available here: https://harman.remote-learner.net/mod/page/view.php?id=413

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