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What's going on? BSS fading into obscurity?

After spending years working with BSS products i decided that BSS was the go-to brand for audio installs for me. This was due to an active userbase, well supported products and good documentation.

Fast forward to me starting to work a few installs again this year - and something has definately changed.
Virtually no updated and relevant info anywhere, a seemingly extreme reduction in active userbase (just look at this forum), and virtually no updates (software/firmware). Even Google can't find shit apart from extremely dated guides - If it hadn't been for the .no distributor Lydrommet AS i would have been completely screwed in my latest system refurbishment.

Am i the only one wondering? Is my impression that nothing is happening after Samsung took over the norm?
If people are moving to other brands; What brands, and why?


  • CedmondsCedmonds Posts: 2
    I look at the current product selection by BSS and am deeply saddened, BSS isn’t making as diverse of a selection of products. I’m sure the acquisition of Harman by Samsung led to a consolidation of products and engineering departments. I always chose Crown, Soundcraft, Brooke Siren system as top quality. My father who repairs equipment always spoke highly of them using matched components and their philosophy of having the designs that create the fewest audio artifacts. I’d say as we move deeper into affordable and lighter line arrays and rack mounted dsp units and farther away from super heavy high quality point source audio; companies like Bss that don’t offer a lot product solution to your average sound guy will probably be a thing of the past like Urei. This is all just my opinion which bears no weight. My father once stated you get a couple thousand people talking at a show or festival and audiophile grade sound quality becomes secondary to loud and clear and I believe that’s a lot of why things have changed so much since the mid 90s in terms of lighter louder cheaper
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