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BLU-806DA cannot set static IP for Dante port

hello, I have been banging my head on this and it actually made me register to this forum because I can't figure it out.

I have a network of several BLU devices with a number of BLU-806DA and BLU-DA. these are on a separate VLAN for their Dante part. when the initial design was implemented, all but one Dante device were configured, so leaving one BLU-806DA out (Dante port was disconnected).

I am not the original installer and lately I have been trying to add this last 806DA to the Dante network. thing is that all Dante devices were set with a static IP, and I can't figure out how to set this last one to static.

no matter what I do, Dante Controller just doesn't seem to be able to set the IP.

- I set the computer running Dante Controller to dynamic IP, it promply sees the 806DA, and of course shows all other devices in red because of now different subnet.
- I set the IP that I want on the 806DA using Device View
- the address APPEARS to be set and I am asked to reboot the device
- after reboot the IP is back to dynamic

(I tried rebooting from Controller, from Audio Architect and by pulling the plug)

I actually feel so stupid for such a simple thing, I almost think the Dante card of the 806DA is faulty...

what am I doing wrong? many thanks!
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