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Which are the required VC++ / .NET runtime lib versions for LA 6.00 R5?

Needless to say, a recent Windows 10 update wrecked my LA and it no longer works; just crashes immediately after the splash screen and the "Creating Database Template' message. There were some error messages in the windows Application logs, and they seemed to point at the .net and visual c++ runtime libraries.

I am trying desperately to get LA to work again, but I can't find any references as to which versions of said libs are required to run the (belatedly) last version of LA. I think I did manage to get the C++ stuff working, as the SXS (side-by-side) errors are no longer appearing. I am still getting errors with 0xc0000005.

Can anyone shed some light on this please? If anything, just confirm what are the 'known good' versions of .net and c++ libs.

Thanks for reading!



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